The name 'Happenstance' was inspired by a line in the Eric Church song Springsteen and to us it means celebrating life's moments that happen by chance.

How Do I Buy Happenstance?

You can find out which retailers are selling Happenstance by using our Find Us locator or if you live in Nashville, you can buy it online here.

What States Is Happenstance Available?

At this time, Happenstance is only available in Tennessee but we are working diligently on getting it to more states soon!

Do You Ship?

No, Happenstance is not available for shipping.

What Sizes Are Available?

At this time, our Founder's Edition 750ml Bourbon is our only child.

What is the ABV?

Happenstance is 45% ABV, 90 Proof

Who Distributes Happenstance?

Lipman Brothers in Tennessee

Do You Use Artificial Flavors?

No, we do not add any sweeteners, artificial flavors or added sugar to our bourbon.

How Do I Drink It?

Happenstance is made to be enjoyed how you please but we prefer it neat or as a cocktail base! Check out our cocktails page for some awesome recipes. As always, please drink responsibly and you must be 21+ to enjoy.