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We're proud to be the only 100% women owned whiskey company in Nashville!

At Happenstance, we like tradition but we’re not so old fashioned. We like our manhattans with a beach, our whiskey not-so-sour and our seven & sevens don’t equal fourteen.

And although we believe many great moments happen by chance, our premium-bourbon is not one of them.

Our female founder wanted a brand that pays homage to the tradition of American bourbons that have come before us, but with an unexpected punch of today’s most sought out flavors. So born was our Founder’s Edition straight bourbon whiskey. A complex combination of vanilla, hazelnut, toasted oak, honey and toffee notes.

Double-distilled. Naturally smooth. Barrel-aged to perfection.

The Whiskey


Contemporary Take On a Classic Tradition


Caramel, Maple, Honey


Full Bodied Blend of Vanilla, Toffee, Hazelnut Notes and Toasted Oak. Bold and Smooth Finish


Double Distilled, Aged 4-Years in New American Oak Barrels

Nashville, Tennessee



Creating a visionary new bourbon was anything but easy. From grain to glass and when the bourbon hits the oak in between, every detail is carefully crafted.

We sourced the best grains from the Midwest. Experimented with new recipes and variations on old ones. Long days. Late nights. Cross country (whiskey) flights.

While our great grandparents may not have been tavern keepers, and we don’t raise racehorses, we can promise you this: we’re passionate about whiskey & bringing people together.

At Happenstance, we’re raising a new generation of whiskey lovers.

So, cheers to that!

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